UPCOMING LIVE 3 Day Training

March 19-21, 2022 ~ Ashland, Oregon

We are so so very excited to be preparing to offer this In-Person Training. There is a limited number os spaces available as we plan to provide lots of space to meet everyones comfort and needs. We are currently working out the details, please stay tuned, and feel free to let us know now if you want more info.

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Thank you for your interest in our Trainings and Retreats. Due to the current world situation we are just now contemplating our offerings for 2021.  They will be announced  here and in our Newsletter once we schedule them. If you are interested in experiencing a live class in your area, please let us know.

AcuPresence offers a variety of live workshops and trainings. Nationally accredited Courses (CEU/PDA) for Acupuncturists and other healing professionals are available. Our courses are intended for students who require CEU/PDA’s points for recertification, as well as those that don’t require CEU’s and want to receive the education and training offered in our wide variety of Courses. Workshops and trainings are created and facilitated primarily by Alaya DeNoyelles, developer of AcuPresence.

AcuPresence® Online Courses

UPDATE: We are currently upgrading and updating all of our Courses. These amazing Courses will launch on December 1, 2021. Please check back for updates. Learn about and experience AcuPresence® teachings in the comfort of your own home while earning CEU’s affordably. Our Courses are Accredited through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). The same selection of AcuPresence Training Courses are available for those who don’t require CEU’s yet want to learn from our training courses at a reduced price.

These stand-alone online courses are available to purchase, and complete at your own pace. They are created and designed to give you a delightful experience in your learning, contemplation and integration of the course materials.

These courses are intended for students who require CEUs/PDA points as well as those that don’t require CEU’s and want to receive the education and training offered in our wide variety of Courses. Certificates of completion are awarded for CEU and Non CEU courses.

Each course includes:
  • Training Materials presented in well-designed PDF Handbooks and/or videos
  • Worksheet for integrating the training materials
  • Quiz to confirm your knowledge of the course
  • Certificate of Completion

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The Foundations of AcuPresence

AcuPresence® is a transformative healing art based on the tradition of Classical Acupuncture and the universal principle that everything is vibration. This course gives you the basic principles, practice guidelines, and protocols of this simple, empowering healing art. Learn about the spiritual essence of Acupuncture points. Explore the sustainable ecosystem of the body’s landscape through the ancient teachings of the Five Elements, Meridian Officials and the spirit of acupuncture points. Learn healing techniques to treat yourself and share with your clients for their daily practice. AcuPresence healing protocols can be facilitated with or without needles.


Ashland, Oregon |  March 19-21  2022

We are in the planning stages for a 3 day retreat in Ashland Oregon, February 2022. Please let us know if you’re interested at offerings@acupresence.com.