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AcuPresence® is a transformative self-healing art based on the tradition of Classical Acupuncture and the universal principle that everything is vibration. All pain and illness are seen as a direct manifestation of dense or lowered vibration in the energy system of the body. When you invoke and hold a higher frequency in your consciousness and body, you heal.

AcuPresence shows you how. As an alternative to the needles used in acupuncture, AcuPresence works by attuning to the frequency of your acupuncture points. Classical Chinese Medicine sees the human being as a microcosm of the great macrocosm. This beautiful universe spiraling within you is accessible through the spirit of your acupoints.

The intention of the art of AcuPresence is to empower you to activate the divine nature within you by creating a relationship with your acupoints and allowing their pure frequency to awaken in you. In a fresh and simple way, AcuPresence presents to humanity the heart of acupuncture, the ancient vibrational medicine proven effective for thousands of years. It is new in its expression and ancient in its truth.