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The Five Elements

The Five Elements

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water represent represent the patterns, phases, and seasons of the movement of this vital energy that creates and sustains all living things and every human.

These elements make up the sustainable ecosystem within, providing everything we need, from receiving nourishment to letting go of waste. The elements offer inspiration and the will to fulfill your destiny, as well s the ability to express all emotions, from grief to elation.

As we get to know the qualities and flavors of each of the 5 Elements in nature and in the body, we become able to recognize their presence and expression in our lives. We create a relationship with them.

The heart of our personal practice of AcuPresence is this conscious relationship with the 5 Elements as they move within our body’s ecosystem. By deepening our understanding of the elements embodied in us, we make this medicine our own.

Each element is associated with a season, a climate, a color, taste, sound, and odor. Each one nourishes an organ or body function, and carries a specific emotional tone.

The Wood Element

The Wood Element





SEASON: Spring


COLOR: Green


SOUND: Shouting

ODOR: Rancid


FORTIFIES: Tendons, ligaments, nails

POWER: Birth


ORGANS AND MERIDIANS: Liver and Gall Bladder

The Wood element is associated with Spring, the season of planting seeds and new growth. Hopeful, colorful, and exuberant, it represents birth and regeneration.

Wood’s corresponding meridians are the Liver and Gall Bladder.

People with well-developed Wood energy have a clear sense of purpose. They excel at making decisions, setting goals, planning, and following through.

The Wood element in balance is creative, flexible, vigorous, and visionary. It surges forward with efficiency and determination, unhindered as it adapts to any obstacles it meets.

Wood out of balance can be indecisive, stuck, and procrastinating, or overly controlling and pushing too hard. It may feel frustrated and angry, or shut down and hopeless.

Physical signs of liver meridian stress include migraines, eye or sinus problems, hernia, genital rash or discharge, menstrual distress, and uterine fibroids.

The Fire Element

The Fire Element





SEASON: Summer



TASTE: Bitter

SOUND: Laughing

ODOR: Scorched



POWER: Mature


ORGANS AND MERIDIANS: Heart, Small Intestine, Heart Protector (pericardium), Triple Heater

The Fire element is associated with Summer, the season of warmth, light, joy, and mature ripening. It represents full bloom and full glory.

Fire’s corresponding meridians are the Heart, Small Intestine, Heart Protector, and Triple Warmer.

People with strong Fire energy are loving, passionate, and charismatic. They enjoy laughter and connection.

The Fire element in balance is open-hearted, joyful, and kind. It cultivates intimacy and enjoys the activity of hopes and dreams.

Fire out of Balance can be extremely sad and lonely. Its sparkle goes dull, and relationships can be difficult. It may feel anxious, confused, numb, or ovestimulated.

Physical signs of Fire stress include insomnia, excessive laughter, stuttering, talking too much, palpitations, hypertension, heart problems, and sores on the mouth or tongue.

The Earth Element

The Earth Element





SEASON: Late Summer

CLIMATE: Humidity

COLOR: Yellow

TASTE: Sweet

SOUND: Singing

ODOR: Fragrant

EMOTION: Sympathy

FORTIFIES: Muscles and flesh

POWER: Decrease


ORGANS AND MERIDIANS: Spleen and Stomach

The Earth element is associated with Late Summer, the harvest time of nourishment and plenty. It represents the unconditional safety and security in the embrace of the Great Mother.

Earth’s corresponding meridians are the Stomach and Spleen.

People with well-developed Earth energy are grounded, nurturing, compassionate, and reliable. They are good peacemakers and enjoy nourishing and caring for others.

The Earth element in balance is relaxed, stable, and contented, knowing it has all that it needs. It distributes the harvest, feeds, sustains, and brings people together.

Earth out of balance can worry, cling, or overwork. Afraid of scarcity, it may crave sweets and search for attention and approval from others, and may feel empty, tired, clouded, or fuzzy.

Physical signs of Earth stress include fatigue, diarrhea, gas and bloating, food allergies, weight gain, or excessively light or heavy menstruation.

The Metal Element

The Metal Element





SEASON: Autumn

CLIMATE: Dryness

COLOR: White or black

TASTE: Pungent

SOUND: Weeping

ODOR: Rotten


FORTIFIES: Skin and body hair

POWER: Balance


ORGANS AND MERIDIANS: Lungs and Large Intestine

The Metal element is associated with Autumn, the season of gathering in the harvest, letting go, and making room for what’s to come. We release what we no longer need and possess a strong sense of self worth. Metal represents our pure inner essence and clears the way for our divine inspiration.

Metal’s corresponding meridians are the Lungs and Large Intestines.

People with healthy Metal energy are well-organized, self-disciplined, and conscientious. They like structure, are comfortable when they know the rules, and succeed by following them.

The Metal element in balance has the qualities of inner strength, inspiration and self-worth. Connected to its divine spark, it easily lets go of the old and takes in the new.

Metal out of balance can be overly critical or attached. It may feel grief-stricken, depressed, or withdrawn. Physical signs of stressed Metal include asthma, allergies, frequent colds, skin rashes, eczema, constipation, or diarrhea.

The Water Element

The Water Element


Will Power



SEASON: Winter



TASTE: Salty

SOUND: Groaning

ODOR: Putrid


FORTIFIES: Bones and head hair

POWER: Emphasize


ORGANS AND MERIDIANS: Lung and Large Intestine

The Water element is associated with Winter, the season of quiet and rest. Dark, feminine, soft, and deep, it represents containment and replenishment of our reserves. It’s more about being than doing.

Water’s corresponding meridians are the Kidneys and Bladder.

People with strong Kidney Qi are fearless and ruggedly determined to hang in there, no matter what. They have powerful endurance and will to live.

The Water element in balance is a strong generative, restorative force. Vast, calm, and adaptive, it goes with the flow.

Water out of balance can be parched and stagnant like a drought, or chaotic and destructive like a flood. It can lack desire, ambition, and drive to persevere, and can drown in hopelessness. It may feel anxious, paranoid, or paralyzed.

Kidney Qi diminishes with aging. Physical signs of Water stress or decline include hearing loss, hot flashes, night sweats, dry skin and mucous membranes, cold extremities or abdomen, urinary frequency or incontinence, or decreased sexual vigor.